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It's not about technology, 

it's about people who use it

-- S. Yasser Kazmi 

Our Story

Founded in Jammu and Kashmir in November 1994, MYASA Network Solutions initially aimed to offer affordable and efficient computer communication solutions in India's burgeoning tech market. Spearheaded by founder S. Yasser Kazmi, MYASA introduced Email Services in J&K at a time when commercial internet was scarce, partnering with UUNET INDIA LIMITED. Shortly thereafter, MYASA ventured into web development, making it possible for local companies to reach global markets through the internet.

By 2003, MYASA had diversified, setting up J&K's first Wireless Campus Network for the Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology). In 2005, the company expanded further under the name MYASA NETWORK SOLUTIONS (MNS), offering telecom services, including fiber optics and wireless networks, to newly entering Telcos in J&K.

Despite challenges such as the volatile situation in Kashmir, MYASA remained committed to technology for impact. Over the years, the company has made significant strides in Research and Development, particularly in VOIP technologies for contact centers. Today, MYASA is a government-recognized entity, providing a wide array of services ranging from System Integration projects, software development, networking projects and network management solutions. 

Guided by a philosophy of ethical dealings and strong customer relationships, MYASA continues to grow, offering services not just in India but also in the UAE, KSA,  Japan, and the USA. With a strong  and committed partner  network globally, MYASA is synonymous with reliability, expertise, and world-class support.

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