Hazrat Syed Waris Ali Shah

Waris Ali name, Makhdoom-Ul-Asfia and Sartaj-Ul-Fuqura titles, was a renowned holy man with a large number of followers, known as Warisi spread all over the country.


Born on 1, Ramazan-Ul-Mubarak 1238 Hijri to Qurban Ali Shah, of Syed Hussein family, reaches his ancestor Imam Husain through Imam Mousa Kazim with twenty-six links in the lineage in between. His forefathers migrated from Neshapur five generations ago came to Devah Sheriff in India and settled there.


Early Education

He did not feed on his mother's milk during daytime as an infant; neither did he take it on 10th of Moharram, the Yaum-e-Aashurah (the day Imam Husain, his relatives and friends were killed in Karbala, now in Iraq). His father died when he was three years old and his mother passed away soon after. The grandmother brought him up and sent him to the maktab (school) at the age of five, where he learnt the holy Qu'Oran by heart till he reached seven. He always carried the holy book on his head out of respect.

He studied exterior subjects the Tradition and Jurisprudence from Abdul Aziz Mohaddis Dehlavi.

Pledge of Obedience

He pledged obedience to Hazrat Khadim Ali Shah at the age of eleven that awarded him the robe of his spiritual heir at this young age. His followers and devotees objected to this but Khadim Ali Shah did not heed them. He was confident of the intrinsic knowledge of Waris Ali Shah.


He traveled extensively in India. Besides, he went to Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Hijaz, Iraq, Rome, France, Belgium, Germany, and Russia, and performed the Haj at the age of fifteen.

Prayers and Meditation

During his studies, he used to go on travails in the wilds and remained engrossed in thoughts for a few days. His obedience, allegiance, meditation, and prayers earned him a distinguished place.


He was fond of music. Once he started on pilgrimage to the Haj. On the way he stopped at Ajmer. Where the annual celebration (Urs) was being held in the shrine of Hazrat Khawaja Moin-Uddin Chisti. The recital was in the offing. He too attended. It moved him to tear. Soon after he fell unconscious.

Followers and devotees

When he regained consciousness, people surrounded him and requested him to admit them as disciples. He reached Constantinople and saw the Caliph, Abdul Hamid, who was greatly impressed by him.

Propagation of the Deen

Not only did he show the path of the Righteousness to the people deeply immersed in the darkness of faithlessness in the Sub-Continent but also traveled to far off places, even foreign countries, to propagate the teachings of Islam. His efforts brought in countless people into the fold of Islam. He preached the message to the non-Muslims residing around. Devah Sheriff and changed the course of their life.

Revelation and Mysteries

One day he went to meditate out of the town, met a wolf, and held him by its ears. The farmers were, frightened He said, "Whoever depends on God, none can harm him."


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