Shri Mata
Vaishno Devi Ji

I bow to thee, O highest of Yogini’s, O thou that are identical with Brahma. O thou that are free from decrepitude and decay. I bow to thee, O bringer of benefits to thy devotees, O thou that rescues from dangers....

... Arjuna's Hymn to the Goddess



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From the Web Editor

December 01, 2003

Thanks for making Jaimatadi a success. Over the years of the launch of this site (1997), we have been constantly receving our visitor's feedback and comments to make this site an information base of Mystical resources and we are in the process of doing just the same.

The aims and visions

This site would focus on the Divine Feminine (Shakti) permeating the whole cosmos and the role of Goddesses in the World Religions.

The texts extracted are from reliable sources and authenticated so as not to impart any belief on anyone in what so ever manner. You will notice that we have published the views and do not enforce any beliefs on our visitors or make conclusions. Our work is to Research and Publish our work, the visitor is the best judge to choose and decide what is right and what ir wrong for him/her at his/her present stage of evolution.

We human beings are constantly evolving as per our surroundings and the Real religion of the Heart calls for a greater tolerance and forbearance towards our family, friends and enemies alike to make this world a happier place to be in.

Let LOVE rule the hearts of the people and the world.

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