On one side of the town of Kishtwar stands the mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Farid Uddin Qadri and on the other lies buried his son, Syed Asrar Uddin. Both attract large numbers of people. Syed Asrar Uddin holds a unique place among the sages of Kashmir.




Syed Asrar Uddin son of Hazrat Syed Farid Uddin Qadri, was a descendant of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad. His mother also descended from the great Sage of Baghdad and was a pious and God fearing lady. He inherited the divinity from his forefathers.

Revelations and Miracles

He was a born saint and began to show miracles at an early age. Yar Muhammad writes about him:

“A son was born and started talking. His hallo grew like the full moon, showed miracles, brought deeds to life, made walls move and foretold. The name of the prince was Asrar Uddin.”

He was destined to get what he received but just exhibited prior to time. Of the miracles borne by the words of mouth were to bring to life the dead only son of a Hindu, to grant eyesight to the born blinds, to make the wall move, and to relieve people of deadly diseases.

His father Hazrat Farid Uddin did not like his activities and prayed to God for his early death. Having been annoyed with the excessive show of miracles by Syed Asrar Uddin. Farid Uddin called his son, offered him water in a bowl, and asked him to drink it. Asrar Uddin declined. On being told that it was his father’s wish, he took the cup, covered the head with a sheet, drank it, and died. Najam Uddin records it as 25 Shaaban 1097 Hijri.

His grave

Syed Asrar Uddin’s grave lies on the other side of Kishtwar town facing Chogan which is the widest and flourishing meadow of the Kishtwar region where people, from every caste and creed, flock to pay their respects to the great departed mystic saint.